Machine Control Systems: Control Panel Manufacturing Specialists!

Machine Control Systems: Control Panel Manufacturing Specialists!

Machine Control Systems (MCS) is an Ontario-based control panel manufacturing company, and we are proud to have served our global customer base for more than 30 years. Our success would not be possible without our talented team of innovative and dynamic employees, and their adaptability and dedication to craftsmanship is truly what separates us from our competitors. Our manufacturing department works to ensure that our production process is smooth and precise to ensure products that exceed their expectations.

Composed of nearly 100 employees, the manufacturing team is divided across four departments dedicated to four crucial tasks: Assembly, Wiring, Quality Assurance, and Shipping/Receiving. Our Assembly team is responsible for ensuring that each control panel component is affixed in the right place, and in the right way, requiring extraordinary dexterity and attention to detail. Our Wiring team, too, leverages their incredible precision and competence to certify that our control panels–often unique to an individual client’s needs–are wired correctly. Our Quality Assurance team checks the work of the assembly and wiring teams, confirming that each panel functions exactly as it should and meets MCS’s exceptional standards of quality. Finally, once a control panel has been rigorously tested, it is carefully and efficiently processed to ship out to a customer. From start to finish, each department is an irreplaceable asset to our production process, and no job of any scale would be possible without their hard work.

With a ceaseless desire to innovate, our manufacturing team has mastered the use of many unique tools which improve efficiency and provide an even greater value to our clients. Our manufacturing team was the first to implement the Steinhauer Modcenter, now an industry gold-standard tool, into our production process. As an experienced firm, we are constantly searching for ways to improve every facet of our business, and our manufacturing team is always eager to master new skills to benefit our customers.

The dedication of our manufacturing team doesn’t stop there. In March of 2020, the world went inside. Meanwhile, our manufacturing team kept working around the clock to ensure that our obligations to customers were met. Without missing a beat, every department of our manufacturing team worked diligently to help to retain a sense of normalcy during this incredibly challenging time and continued to deliver control panel solutions to our clients. Not a single day has gone by where our manufacturing team has not given their all to MCS and our customers, and their incredible work ethic has not gone unrecognized or unrewarded.

Our customers can rest assured that the manufacturing team at MCS will always give their all to ensure that our control panels meet the highest quality standards. As our business continues to grow, we are constantly looking for top talent to further improve our exceptional manufacturing team. Interested in joining the manufacturing team at MCS? Contact us or visit our Careers page and see how you can grow with our team.

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