Machine Vision

In order to improve quality in manufacturing, repetitive and highly accurate processes need to be controlled and performed with great precision. Errors and deviations must be detected and modifications made in real time.

To prevent unforeseen equipment failure, capturing the right information at the right time allows for convenient scheduling of future corrective maintenance.

A machine vision system provides automatic image-based assessment and analysis for applications such as online inspection, process control and robot guidance. Consisting of cameras and back-end image processing hardware and software, machine vision systems can perform various tasks at high speeds with pinpoint accuracy. 

Ardea Technologies can design a solution and produce a customized panel and programming that

  • monitors the tolerances and acceptability of the final manufactured product.
  • continually checks results to determine when outputs move off specifications so that tooling can be adjusted or replaced.
  • helps eliminate costly errors.
  • maximizes productivity.
  • minimizes downtime.
  • enhances customer satisfaction through consistent delivery of quality manufactured goods.

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