Water and Waste Water

Since its inception, Ardea Technologies has been a trusted supplier to the water and waste water treatment industry.

Our monitoring and control services are used by the largest water treatment companies in the world and by local operators, municipalities, national park facilities and major computer chip manufacturers—all of whom require ultra-pure water. Systems can be stationary or mobile—such as when disasters occur and water requires treatment because facilities are either damaged or destroyed.

Regardless of size or geographic location, Ardea Technologies offers the same expert know-how to each and every customer.

In the case of a single operating station, our control panels will monitor the filtration systems to ensure they are operating within specifications. By monitoring and controlling all the pumps and valves within a particular water treatment system, we make sure they’re functioning at the highest level.

With regional operations encompassing numerous stations, all information needs to be centralized within a main operations centre. This may involve a complete SCADA upgrade which links these geographically separated facilities, ensuring these disparate systems work cohesively and correctly one hundred percent of the time.

Whatever the project demands, the continuous safe operation of water treatment facilities is always our number one priority.