The Control Panels Engineering Expertise of Machine Control Systems

The Control Panels Engineering Expertise of Machine Control Systems

Combining over three decades of experience in the design, construction and programming of custom electrical control panels with a mastery of leading-edge technology; Machine Control Systems (MCS) is the supplier of choice for industry leaders across countless sectors. The MCS team of expert designers and technologists possess the innate ability to recognize a customer’s automation needs and see them through from first concept to final product, resulting in a frictionless customer experience and a superior finished deliverable. 

Ability to anticipate and recognize client needs, schematic fluency, and an ever-expanding commitment to the utilization of advanced manufacturing tools are just some of the ways that our skilled group of panel and system designers separate MCS from the rest. Here is how the engineering expertise of the team at Machine Control Systems distinguishes us from the competition. 

From concept to completion

Proficient in all aspects of the production process, the designers at Machine Control Systems own the preparation of schematic and layout drawings integral to project concepting. The MCS team also provides both PLC and HMI programming with full platform support–including ABB, Allen Bradley (Rockwell), Siemens, Omron, GE, and Automation Direct. Comprehensive documentation and manuals are compiled by the MCS team to support customers upon project completion and beyond. 

Empowered by advanced tools

Leveraging the most advanced technology available, the team of technologists at Machine Control Systems is committed to exceeding the industry design and fabrication standards and delivering the highest quality product to our customers–at the best possible value. EPLAN software eliminates inefficiencies by ensuring accuracy of the positioning of both cutouts and drilling when exporting project plans to the Steinhauer CNC Mod Centre. Efficient and accurate production of schematics for wiring, lamacoids, and wire markers expedites production while enhancing the finished product. At Machine Control Systems, industry-leading tools are in the hands of the industry’s top talent. 

Experience and expertise across various industries

The commitment to engineering excellence at Machine Control Systems is translated across each of the many industries our team has collaborated with. The adaptability of our panel and system design talent has made MCS a top choice for emerging, sustainability-focused industries, with some industries the team has provided solutions to including:

  • Green energy
  • Pollution control
  • Water treatment
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Metal and mining
  • Automotive

These are just a few of the industries Machine Control Systems has delivered solutions to, and the expertise of our dynamic design team ensures that we can take the automation needs of any customer from concept to completion with speed and accuracy that cannot be found elsewhere. 

The Machine Control Systems difference 

Established in 1988, Machine Control Systems has been delivering solutions to a global customer-base for over 30 years. This wealth of cross-industry experience paired with a passion for innovation has established MCS as a leader in control panel design and manufacturing. 

With a fervent dedication to both exceptional product and service, Machine Control Systems aims to deliver the highest quality and the best value to customers–a commitment which is upheld by the expertise of the panel and system designers at MCS. 

To witness the engineering expertise of Machine Control Systems firsthand, contact us at 519-767-0830 or send a note to We look forward to working with you. 

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