Steinhauer Modcenter: The Most Versatile Automated Modification System

Steinhauer Modcenter: The Most Versatile Automated Modification System

Steinhauer Modcenter: The Most Versatile Automated Modification System

Our unrelenting pursuit for innovation paired with our commitment to customer satisfaction has established Machine Control Systems as one of North America’s premier control panel manufacturing firms. One such landmark innovation has been our firm’s implementation of the Steinhauer ModCenter–the most versatile automated modification system on the market today. Leveraging this revolutionary new technology has enabled our technicians to operate with greater accuracy and efficiency, ultimately saving customers time and money and allowing Machine Control Systems (MCS) to take on a broader swath of projects.

After our designers complete a customer-specific design, the Steinhauer process begins. The ModCenter expedites every step of the production process, and its ability to perform otherwise tedious manual tasks automatically makes it a major asset. Prior to the implementation of the Steinhauer ModCenter, it was the responsibility of MCS technicians to take a number of time-consuming measurements–resulting in longer waits for customers. Now, the fully-automated ModCenter measures under the supervision of one of our technicians, while our other experts prepare the next custom control panel. This enhanced efficiency is accompanied by unbeatable accuracy, further delivering on MCS’s commitment to quality.

Once the ModCenter has completed unique measurements imported from one of our custom designs, the system begins marking and drilling cutouts according to the specific needs of the customer. The Steinhauer ModCenter’s unparalleled precision is demonstrated by this step, and so is its versatility–as the ModCenter is capable of processing and modifying any standard material whether it be mild or stainless steel, fiberglass, acrylic, aluminum, or countless others. Yet another advantage of the ModCenter is its ability to process both repeat modifications as well as one-off designs, whereas manufacturers without such a system often lack the ability to tackle smaller projects. The agility of the system paired with our team’s expertise means there is no application too big or too small for MCS, and with the Steinhauer ModCenter we can provide an even wider variety of solutions to our global customer base.

The most crucial step in the Steinhauer process is the weekly system maintenance conducted by the skilled operators at MCS. This ensures that the ModCenter is functioning at its optimal capacity and conducting modifications which meet all of our standards. Even with brief pauses for routine maintenance, however, the Steinhauer ModCenter maximizes efficiency and guarantees customers the quickest possible completion of even the most complex solutions.

Innovation is one of our fundamental values at MCS. With the implementation of the Steinhauer ModCenter, our team is able to provide higher quality work in less time–cementing MCS as North America’s premier control panel manufacturing firm.

To see how our decades of expertise in tandem with the revolutionary Steinhauer ModCenter can make a difference for your business, contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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