Packaged Control Rooms

We have designed and supplied a number of Packaged Control Rooms specifically integrated with your application in mind. Our diverse industry knowledge is a great asset for your team.

These photos show a 28’ x 10’ Packaged Control Room, with a separate operator’s area, large enough for a desk with SCADA station and shelf for spare parts storage. The 480V MCC to the right contains the Main PLC, local HMI in their own section, with a total of 28 motor loads, service hoists, welding receptacles, equipment lighting and integrated PCR lighting Panel with transformer.  This fully integrated system was for a 14 module Dust Collection system with 3 – 1000hp ID Fans and 300hp Reverse Air Fan, complete dust handling system with Storage Silo with Bulk truck discharge, it was completely assembled at our facility in Cambridge, fully tested with distributed IO Panels and approved  by the customer prior to shipment.

We recently shipped a Packaged Control Room or E-Building to Arizona, which contained a 5kV FVNR Starter in an ‘Arc Flash’ resistant application, a small 480V ‘Arc Flash’ MCC.

Customers appreciate our responsiveness to their needs, demonstrated by our fast turnaround on quotations, orders and answers to their questions.  In everything we do, we are highly knowledgeable, capable professionals, with a proven track record and a focus on long-term business relationships.

Interior of Control Room