MCS Automation Control Panel Manufacturing Team Spotlight: Logistics

MCS Automation Control Panel Manufacturing Team Spotlight Logistics

MCS Automation Control Panel Manufacturing Team Spotlight: Logistics

With decades of experience in automation control panel manufacturing, Ontario-based Machine Control Systems (MCS) provides a global customer base with tailor-made solutions. To ensure our business runs smoothly and that we continue to exceed the expectations of our customers, we rely on the tireless effort of our logistics team. The logistics department at MCS is a crucial component of our organization, as our innovative practices and expert craftsmanship are only as valuable as our ability to deliver solutions with accuracy and punctuality.

Instituting a rigid organizational structure for both the efficient reception of raw materials and the timely shipment of completed control panels, the logistics department at MCS ensures that we fulfill our promise to customers–by providing the right product, at the right price, on time. MCS’s logistics team prepares completed automation control panels for shipment by ensuring they are expertly packaged to eliminate any potential for damage in transit to customers.

As a growing business with an international customer base, the importance of logistics cannot be overstated. Aside from expertly wrapping panels to prepare them for shipment, the logistics team at MCS is responsible for coordinating with other departments to ensure production is on schedule. If the manufacturing department is running behind or ahead of schedule, the logistics team must prepare accordingly to keep operations running smoothly. Their agility and effectiveness as communicators are what sets our team of experts at MCS apart–and ultimately makes our entire business better.

While we continue to integrate innovative technologies to improve our production efficiency as automation control panel manufacturers, the logistics team is constantly seeking ways to make the customer experience at MCS better. This ceaseless desire for improvement is part of what makes our logistics department such a valuable asset. On-time deliveries and satisfied customers are never enough, as our team is always working towards being better than yesterday.

This commitment to our customers never stops, and when the Covid-19 shut the world down, the logistics team at MCS kept their word to our customers. Working tirelessly to ensure that completed control panels were delivered to customers despite the frenzy of the world around them, our logistics department renewed their commitment to improvement day in and day out. Through this challenging time, the continued efforts of the MCS logistics team helped retain a sense of normalcy–for our customers and for us–and our gratitude for their hard work cannot be put into words.

Optimizing efficiency and accuracy to meet all customer demands for automation control panel manufacturing, the logistics team at MCS is dedicated to giving our customers unparalleled economy of time. As our global customer base continues to expand, we are in increasing need of skilled workers to join our top-notch logistics team. Interested in making a difference as a part of the logistics department at MCS? Introduce yourself and explore open opportunities.

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